Beastars may be a few months away from reaching Netflix’s streaming platform, but the second season of the series has already released its first episode in Japan, and the animation studio Studio Orange attributes their inspiration to The series comes from an unexpected source in the Nintendo Animal Crossing series. Since its release on Nintendo Switch last year, Animal Crossing: New Horizon has swept the world. Fans have used this game to commemorate multiple anime series, so it’s absolutely fascinating to see this game in turn inspired anime Surprised!

The second season of Beastars will return to Legosi. Haru and their anthropomorphic characters will play an important role in this "dark animal city". Following the initial volley of the plot of Studio Orange, the Animal Crossing Bells identity of the serial killer in the anime series created by Paru Itagaki remains a mystery. The second season focuses on a new mysterious threat, which is definitely bigger than we can solve. I have seen more. When Legosi is struggling with Haru's new relationship and trying to decipher whether they are in a formal relationship, Orange will definitely work hard to meet players' expectations after the first season.

Studio Orange went to social media to share an interesting segment of the Animal Crossing: New Horizon game, allowing the creators of the Beastars animation to use a unique platform to "draw" the actions of the characters, thus promoting the impressive series.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon provides players with their own island, where they can run according to their wishes and collect resources to build a unique environment. Animal Crossing will definitely have a long shelf life on Nintendo Switch, and we look forward to seeing how anime fans can use this sandbox!

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