Some villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizon began to feel Tom Nook's dark business practices. Since its establishment, the real estate agent tanuki has always been the main force of the team. The fans' opinions on him are at least a little bit, but his in-game economic plan is rarely evil. It can even be confusing.

In fact, Tom Nook was originally the main shopkeeper of the small town in the original Animal Crossing. Since then, he has participated in all games and broadened his business vision throughout the series. However, he has recently ventured into real estate by selling houses and properties that players need to repay during the game. Nook has won many mockers in the Animal Crossing fan community, and many people jokingly refer to him as the "protagonist". The villagers also questioned him.

Reddit user yasiyuni encountered a unique conversation in which Rodeo, a lazy villager, expressed his complete confusion in Tom Nook's way of doing business. The dialogue specifically drew attention to the fact that when Tom pays off the house sold to them, he will inevitably recover all the money Tom used to buy shells. This actually creates a closed loop of the game economy, which seems to be permanent. Existence is purely for it. Any lazy villager may have said this special dialogue, but this is a sentence that most players have never heard before.

Most of the reactions to the Animal Crossing Bells position reinforced Tom Nook's feeling as the protagonist. Some fans joked that the poor rodeo performer was found dead shortly after saying this. However, others have taken a more pragmatic approach, breaking the way that the player is more or less Tom Knock’s contract servant. Prior to this, his economic plan and general economics of animal crossing had been extensively discussed online, and even won an article published on the official website of the Indiana state government. However, as Rodeo pointed out, it seems unwise for any enterprising US state or large and small business to try to imitate the financial phenomenon Nook has established in the island paradise of millions of players.

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