winding wire level refers to the use of pinyin letters (or Latin) English letters and one or more data to indicate the number of products such as aluminum profiles and carbide tools that are different in shape and type.

Indication of enameled wire level:
  1, mark No.:
   (1) series product number: enameled winding composition: Q paper packaging winding wire: Z
   (2) Conductor material: copper conductor: T (omit) aluminum conductor: L
   (3) Insulation layer material: Y, A acrylic resin (pure polyester)
   (4) Conductor characteristics: flat wire: B round wire: Y (omit) hollow wire: K
   (5) Paint film thickness: round line: thin paint film-1 thick paint film-2 thick paint film-3 flat line: general paint film-1 thick paint film-2
   (6) The thermal level is indicated by /XXX.

 2. Grade of enameled wire: The product specification of enameled wire is named by using pinyin letters, English letters and Arabic numbers. Its composition contains many parts as follows. The above multiple parts are grouped together in order, which is the Aluminum Enameled Wire product specification.