How to Set Up an Existing AOL Gold Account

AOL desktop Gold is considered as an amazing software that provides you the access of browsing the web, listening to music, playing games and what not. It also allows you to access emails. After being updated to its latest version in the recent year 2017, it has gained much more popularity, even though now it comes as exclusively paid version and cannot be accessed for free. With enhanced performance, two-layered security features and a new look, this software is a complete package. Since this software has the capability to manage so many things, so glitches and snags can become a part of it. Due to its advanced features, the possibility of the errors are quite minimal, but it cannot be stopped. One of the error that this software can come across with that the software is not responding or crashes suddenly. If this is the case then you can try some problem-solving steps and if the problem is not corrected even then, you can uninstall the software and AOL Desktop Gold Download software again by following a proper procedure. Just check that you are keeping the system requirements in mind.

This error is due to some specific issues which need to be looked upon:

  • The software has been outdated.
  • The software and the device are not compatible with each other.
  • The system requirements were not cross-checked before the download and installation process.
  • Slow responding net connection.

These are a few reasons listed. There can be even more reasons behind this error. If you find that none of the reasons are a cause to the prescribed issue, then you talk to the technical experts at the helpline number.

Resolving the error:

Step 1- One of the reasons for the program to not respond can be because of the outdated software. To confirm this, just navigate to the AOL Gold official website and cross check the version you are using. If the software has not been updated to the recent one, then do so by downloading and installing it.

Step 2- Sometimes compatibility issues can be a reason behind this. It is always better to keep in mind the system requirements before downloading any software. If you find out the AOL Desktop Gold is not compatible with the system, then uninstall it and again install it once, ensuring that everything has been checked twice.

Step 3– Having a high-speed internet connection is really important for running such advanced based software’s. Ensure that you are getting a proper signal by checking the router. If not, fix it immediately.


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These steps will surely help you to fix the problem. The error can be rectified easily by implementing the troubleshooting steps. And if nothing works, just try the easiest one- uninstall it and then reinstall AOL Gold Desktop again.

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