It begins in any romance: in a magical fantasy world built by the vicious Tanooki landlord. But in the end, the two people crossed the border and traveled thousands of miles to get along with each other.

Steven Brown has a unique problem: he has too many bells in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" and wants to get rid of some. He found Shayla Johnson in an Animal Crossing Facebook group, and she was happy to take the extra money away from him. According to Fox 13 News, they initially planned to meet, but the interaction soon turned into a trip around the island, which turned into friendship and love.

The two found themselves chatting outside the animal crossing for several hours every day, and fell in love from a distance. Brown said, it feels like they have each other's life.

Although they have only known each other since the beginning of the pandemic, and almost only knew each other, Brown flew from Utah to Indiana to Buy Animal Crossing Bells meet Johnson in August last year and asked her to marry him on the same journey. She said yes, and planned to move to Utah this month with Brown and his daughter Audrey. I hope they have a child together and named it K.K. Slider.

This is not the first time "Animal Crossing" and marriage are accompanied, and this may not be the last. Have you found love through video games? Have you held an elaborate fake wedding with the marshal on your island to make him a special tuxedo and ask him to call you "honey" from then on? That is just an example.

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