Kundali Milan by name is an auspicious procedure that is done before the marriage takes place. From the historical backdrop of the Puranas and the Vedas, it is very clear that Marriage is a holy ritual for each person. In this modern era, it is still eccentric and perhaps the best moments of any married couple. 

Allow us to unfold to you the actual secret of a happy marriage. It is finding happiness in one another, care, and a lot of respect. However, are you confident that you will get all of it after your marriage? Well, that is when Kundali Milan by name comes into the picture. 

Kundali Milan by name is the matching of celestial bodies, stars, and positions of constellations and planets that ties both the persons together. The more points gained through kundali Milan by name, the more joyful your married life would be. It eliminates and freezes all the ill- effects and obstacles that may have emerged. Moreover, Kundali Milan by name reveals various dosha and mishaps that may arise to disturb your married life. 

Is ‘She/he’ the ONE? 

Marriage is the amalgamation of two people through holy mantras & rituals, hymns, and prayers that ties them together for life. Connection of soul comes backs in each lifetime however, it relies upon selecting the “Right” person. 

Indian Vedic astrology follows various methodologies to illuminate the repercussions of Kundali Milan by name. And it includes Gunn Milan Method, Horoscope Matching, Lagna matching, Kundali Milan by name method, etc. 

There are a couple of significant goals that strongly influence the wedlock, either with a negative effect or a positive one. Following are: 

  • Navamsa Chart 
  • Gunn Matching Method 
  • Manglik Dosha and its cure 

Significance of Gunn Milan by Kundali Milan by name 

There are in total 36 Gunns which are significant to match during the procedure of kundali matching by name. These Gunns analyze the compatibility between the groom and the bride. The major reason why they are so vital is that they ascertain if the wedlock is good or not. 

Different compatibility factors, for example, family, finance, kids, past, passion, interests, love, temper, position in society, ego, sentiments, etc. are largely considered. They are important and thus an astrologer who is well experienced and knowledgeable must be contacted to neglect any mistakes.