There is a lover of Animal Crossing New Horizon who raised the decoration to a new height by redesigning the entire island to look like a coral reef. Nintendo’s legendary life simulation game was released last year and has won widespread praise and adoration. Because of COVID-19, this is an ideal way for people to spend their time trapped at home. When the epidemic rages, the animal villagers loved by the game center ease their anxiety.

One of the animal crossing tours: The biggest selling point of New Vision is the island. Players get involved at the beginning of the game and spend time improving, nurturing and decorating. Animal Crossing: The level of environmental customization provided in New Horizons has raised the possibility of decoration to a new level. It has been warmly welcomed by millions of fans, and the time in the hands suddenly flooded in. This has resulted in some truly eye-catching bizarre structures that have been built in the game and proudly displayed across the Internet.

Some fans have their own unique pursuit goals. Reddit user aeshsp showed this in a spectacular way by uncovering an island that specifically mimics underwater coral reefs. They achieved this fantasy by creatively using colorful plants and fish-themed decorations, as well as some particularly ostentatious mushrooms. The trip ended with a simulated shipwreck, accompanied by the skull of the poor soul who died in the crash.

It is not difficult to establish a connection between Animal Crossing: New Horizon and the underwater beauty. Since the game focuses on island escape, it has significantly more sailing championships compared to past franchise games. Fishing and ocean exploration are particularly valuable pastimes, and Nintendo supports this hobby by continuously introducing new marine life to fill the ocean. This island with a strong theme should make these new creatures feel at home.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon is an outstanding title for many reasons, but it deserves our respect in giving players the space to make such outstanding and beautiful works. The fan content made by people to Buy Nook Miles Tickets commemorate the video game, the beloved villagers are almost as good as the game itself, but works like this coral reef island prove why fans fell in love with Animal Crossing: New Horizon in the first place.

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