For instance, when you have soil and shakes that contain materials like lead, sulfides, and gold, in view of the fluctuating weights of these diverse materials, you will see these materials wander off in various ways on the shaker raymond mill

The lead and the sulfides will be transfer to the correct side of the raymond mill while the pure gold will be carried to the far left half of the raymond mill.There is one term to recall when proficient gold miners describe the activities of a gold shaker raymond mill. 

At the point when proficient gold miners say that little particles of gold are being helped through the grooves, they are deal with the ripples that you can evidently observe on the shaker raymond mill. 

When they say that there is a flood of materials like Black Pyrrhotite, White Quartz, silver and gold on the grooves, at that point this is something worth being thankful for.At the point when materials are washed with the clean water, they should drop into 3 containers underneath the raymond mill.