In another year, the Animal Crossing Toy Festival and the New Year will be firmly placed in the rearview mirror. It’s time to turn our attention to the first in-game celebration of the year in the form of Festivale. The fabulous peacock Pavé visited the islanders. He brought rich colors and fun to cheer for the cold winter months. This is all your information about animal horizontal pavé and Festivale.

One of the reasons Animal Crossing is one of the best Nintendo Switch games is because it allows us to celebrate real-world holidays and seasonal events in the game. To learn more about other celebrations, check out the Animal Crossing event calendar.

In 2021, the festival will most likely be held on February 15. However, if Nintendo decides to change the status quo, it may hold in-game celebrations before then. We will update as we learn more. Festivale was celebrated for the first time in "Animal Crossing: Urban Folklore". The celebration continues in "New Leaf", and now is the time for the annual celebration to reach a new horizon. We don’t yet fully understand what the Switch will look like, but previous games gave us a sense of what to expect.

In "New Leaf", Festivale's logo is Pavé appearing on your island and confetti falling from the sky. This fabulous bird sends players to collect feathers. When some of them float next to the confetti, they may be hooked by the net, while others need to Buy Animal Crossing Bells play games with villagers to win. If the player collects the correct color and number of feathers, Pavie will reward them with holiday furniture and dances.

In "New Leaf", players can also play several games with villagers, including Charades, Made Ya Look, and finally Rock, Paper and Scissors. If the player wins any of these games, New Leaf villagers will reward them with feathers. The villagers said a few words, then emojis to complete their sentences, and then the player chooses what they think the villagers suggest from the menu.

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