Animal Crossing: New Horizons became the best-selling boxed video game last week and ended in 2020, which is appropriate to some extent. Due to sales growth of 7%, the game has risen two places from last week.

Nintendo’s title was an incredible success, which has been well documented and reached an unprecedented audience in franchise history. In terms of boxed sales in the UK, the game is the second best-selling game this year, second only to FIFA21. FIFA can of course be used on multiple platforms. In terms of sales on a single platform, Animal Crossing is undoubtedly the first. In 2020, surpass FIFA 21 on PlayStation 4.

Usually in the UK, the year-end best-selling rankings are dominated by games such as FIFA, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and Battlefield, Fallout and Grand Theft Auto. Nintendo’s title is now consistent with these blockbusters.

This is entirely the sale of boxed games. In the next two weeks, a complete analysis of 2020 UK and European market data (including numbers, console and accessory sales) will be revealed and analyzed through

The latest GfK weekly chart is for the 53rd week running from the 12th week to the January 2nd, so given that the Christmas sales window has been closed, it is not surprising to Buy Animal Crossing Bells see an overall decline in game sales. Overall, boxed game sales dropped by 40% from the previous week.

The top ten is mainly due to the decline in sales. Sales of Animal Crossing, the top ranking list, may have increased by 7%, but FIFA 21 (No. 2) dropped by 55%, Mario Kart 8: Deluxe (No. 3) dropped by 35%, and Assassin’s Creed Valha La (No. 4) plummeted 58%. "Just Dance 2021" actually rose to the top position of fifth, despite a 43% drop in sales. Call of Duty: Sixth place "Black Ops" cold gas dropped 61%, "Minecraft" dropped 29% on Switch but rose to seventh place, "Super Mario 3D All-Star" dropped 42% and rose to eighth name.

In fact, Animal Crossing: The surge in sales of New Horizon has a lot to do with the epidemic. Everyone can't go out, only stay at home, so that players will spend time in the game. And New Horizon also gave players a lot of happiness.

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