Whether you are a seasoned PPC marketer or a novice, understanding the benefits of paid search advertising is important. You may be assessing PPC Campaign Management Software as your next marketing channel and want to see what sort of value it brings to your business. Or, you may already be running PPC campaigns and want to know whether or not you’re getting the most out of your advertising efforts.

This discussion will look at the 10 top benefits of PPC advertising and what marketers need to do to unlock all of the potential value of this potent and popular strategy.

Benefit #1: More Traffic To Your Website

Generating traffic to your webpages is an exciting prospect for any business. Every visitor is someone browsing the digital aisles of your business! They are learning about your business and what it has to offer. After all, every new site visitor is a potential future customer!

One of the core goals of PPC marketing is to drive website traffic. Whenever someone clicks your paid ad message, they are brought to your webpages. By using ads to generate more website traffic, you’re effectively increasing the number of potential opportunities you have to generate new, loyal customers!

Benefit #2: More Local Traffic Too!

PPC marketing isn’t just beneficial to online companies. Local businesses can also benefit and use online advertising as a means to draw in-person traffic to their stores or offices. By targeting ads based on location and zeroing in on location-specific keywords, a business can find people in the immediate vicinity that are looking for the products and solutions that the company offers.

Benefit #3: Increase Revenue!

What does all this added traffic, whether online or in-person, mean for your business? More sales and revenue and an overall healthier bottom line! Again, the benefit of increasing traffic is increasing your number of potential opportunities. More opportunities means more conversions and when those conversion activities are connected to dollars and cents, your revenue will climb.

Benefit #4: Qualified Website Traffic

For product-centric companies, traffic from PPC ads reportedly purchase more often than your organic visitors. This is because ad traffic produces more qualified leads. These are individuals that are more prepared to buy or otherwise convert. In some cases, it’s why they’ve clicked an ad result over an organic option — they want to quickly make a purchase. Ad traffic is even more likely to purchase when you target keywords with high buying intent.

Benefit #5: Brand Awareness

What happens when people don’t reach your website as a result of your PPC marketing? While you’ll miss out on the benefits that come with increased website traffic, it doesn’t mean that your ads haven’t produced any value.

One of the key advantages that your ad messages, clicked or unclicked, create is brand awareness. Keeping your company and its products fresh in the minds of your target audience will help encourage a click or even a conversion the next time around. And, your company will be the first they recall when they need to make a choice between you and the competition.

Benefit #6: Immediate Results

In the Digital Age, everything seems to happen quicker. You can get information and content on demand with a simple search or contact people across the world instantly. It’s ironic then that digital marketing results often require so much time.

Building organic search rankings, establishing a social media following or developing a popular blog platform can take months and even years. The same is not true of PPC marketing. As soon as your first campaign goes live and you start ranking on search results pages, you can begin seeing results!

Benefit #7: Controlled And Scalable Costs

There is a natural aversion to PPC marketing because of the direct paid element. When compared to “free” strategies like social media or SEO, PPC seems too expensive. In reality, however, the costs associated with paid online advertising are completely within the marketer’s control. You can set your budget to whatever amount you feel comfortable spending.

Your PPC budget can also be changed at any time, which means the costs are very scalable. If you have more money to invest into advertising, you can simply increase your daily/monthly ad spend and pursue new keyword opportunities or target new audiences.

Or, you can scale your budget back when business is slow and you need to save money.

Benefit #8: Measurable ROI

There is one benefit that comes from the direct paid element of PPC marketing: measurable ROI. With many digital marketing strategies, there is not a direct investment of money, which means you have to connect value to both your investment and returns. Thus, it can be very hard to know exactly what you’re putting in and getting out of these strategies.

The metrics on your Google Ads account allow you to constantly measure how much you’re spending and how many conversions, clicks, impressions, etc. Successful PPC campaign example are the compaling the best result. This saves time and offers a quick way to evaluate your PPC efforts.

Benefit #9: Stay Competitive

Your PPC costs are impacted by what your competition is doing with their advertising efforts. The reverse is also true: the competition’s costs are also influenced by what you are doing. If you are inactive on these paid channels, you’re essentially giving the competition the green light to market freely, cheaply and without disruption.

Investing in PPC offers you a lot of rewards, but it also means limiting the competition’s access to the same benefits. You don’t want your competitors to enjoy all of the advantages of PPC marketing without any pressure.

Benefit #10: Automation

Thanks to advances in AI and machine learning, automation tools and features have begun appearing in the PPC world. Smart campaigns, dynamic search ads and smart bidding are just some of the ways that Google Ads is helping advertisers optimize and automate their campaigns.

Automation offers two main benefits that help new and experienced marketers:

  1. Saves Time: Many steps in the PPC process are tedious and require a lot of time and attention. By automating these stages, you can free up significant chunks of time that can be allocated to more important tasks.
  2. Better Performance: Campaigns powered with AI tools use complex data signals to reach decisions. The complexity of these algorithms and their ability to analyze huge volumes of data very quickly is a supreme advantage over slower, human-driven efforts.


You definitely do not want to overlook PPC advertising. Aside from these 10 benefits, setting up your first campaign is very easy, which means you have almost nothing to lose and plenty of value to gain!