Examinations are a very stressful time for the students. They dread when they have to sit down for lengthy exams and be tested for all that they have studied and learned. However, of the type of questions, they are almost eager to have MCQs as compared to essay questions. They take MCQs as a treat because they feel they can score easily in these questions. Essay type questions, on the other hand, are lengthier and require good retention and composition. Therefore, if students feel they are weak in the latter, they can take the assistance of professional assignment writers UK.

But, it is also important to try and understand why students are so fond of MCQs in order to strengthen their essay writing abilities:   

They have options

Students feel that they have a good chance of answering correctly when they have multiple questions. For the MCQ questions, the answers are already given, which makes it less intimidating. All they have to do is try to eliminate the incorrect answers and choose the right option.

MCQs are skilfully designed; the answers require students' knowledge of the topic. Students almost enjoy receiving MCQs and feel they have a good chance of scoring well. With an essay question, if the student is not well-versed with the subject, they will not be able to answer the question at all.

Increased chances of scoring full marks

Students feel they will be able to eliminate a few options and that will increase the chances of getting the right answer and scoring full marks in that MCQ.

In an essay question, the student may write paragraphs upon paragraphs but might still be unsure of how they will score. If there are 10 MCQs and if they get them all correct, they are positive in getting full marks. With essay type questions, they are not sure of how much they will score.

Basis concepts are asked

MCQs usually test the students' understanding of basic concepts. Students prefer MCQs because they are more confident in their basic concepts than in writing many detailed passages on the same topic.

On the other hand, with essay type questions, students feel that they need to study and retain a lot to write long essay type answers. While they think MCQS are less frightening, they consider essay type questions to be extensive and overwhelming.

They can easily cheat in MCQs

Many students are confident that they will gain their friends' support during the test as they only need to know the correct option (A, B, C, or D). They can spy the answer from their friend's copy, or they can confirm their own answer by looking at their friend's answer sheet.

Of course, with an essay based question, there is little chance of getting support from their friends during the exam.

The questions are straightforward 

Essay type questions require you to understand the question and accordingly respond. Sometimes, students may write many lengthy paragraphs but score low on their essay questions because they could not comprehend the question's requirement. MCQs require you to just pick one option from four, and so, students face less difficulty understanding what is being asked.

Both MCQs and essay type questions require the students to study. However, students practice several past paper questions and become familiar with the art of solving MCQs. Of the two types of questions, they always find MCQs less threatening and almost enjoyable to solve. It gives them the confidence to score well, and they feel that even if their essay question earns them low marks, their MCQ scores will enhance their overall grade.