The whole cause is Facebook and Whatsapp. on average and all those so called other social medias!!!! Telegram, Instagram, SnapChats, TwinkTwork “ya know how to spell that better”Stop acting like you dont know!!!!! Every woman spending time with other women, not men flirting on Facebook or Whatsapp, will one dey do same with another man. Men knows this they dont like flirts as wives if you must flirt, then flirt with them alone. It is so bad that you will even be pressing and flirting on phone while he is president!!!! You should not even do in his absence but you are doing it before him. Leave side chicks alone if not they will take him soon and it could happen after you have plenty kids so leave them alone get hold of your man. A woman making all what should be 100% private becomes partially public shows sign that she has tendencies to look outside or lie and be unstable or be smart while being trusted by the man. Men understand this fundamentals they just act like they dont when dating or when their plans are to use and dump you. Men hate flirts with passion. They may never complain if you are a babe but once they lock the door for others for your sake and they find you in this mess, when they will start beating you, dear they them selves wouldn’t even know. Mind you, No man that ever loved you would ever be happy to ever beat you. Women I thought as at now you should all stop what you did to God in the garden of eden? You all still doing it today more and more to men and still to God. Ya all have brought so much destruction on the surface of the earth so far pls change!!! these men were never like this! You can still be loved 100% the way you are with all the nonsense conditions you wanna be in and not stay away from. I mean nonsenses such as facebooking, whatsapping, Telegraming, Instagraming and TwirkTorking all the time which is flirting except you doing strictly business with it. If still wanna do this shits and be loved 100% ??????? THEN DONT GET MARRIED TO A MAN!!!! YOU MAY MARRY A WOMAN ANYWAYS THATS OKAY SHE CAN LIVE WITH IT NOT A MAN.