Animal Crossing: One of the main features of New Horizons: It is a campground, where random villagers visit about once a week. Players can choose to invite these villagers to move to their islands, but there is a catch: Unlike the campers who are invited to use Amiibo, random campers will ask to replace random villagers. Players can't control the choice on the surface unless they use this technique.

If the player wishes to replace a specific villager with a random camper, they will need to complete all the steps to invite the camper to stay on the island. This includes repeated conversations with campers and possibly playing card games, and this is entirely based on chance. If the player wins, the camper will agree to move to their island. If the player loses, the camper will refuse-but continuing to talk to them and play more rounds may change their minds.

Even if they persist in reluctance to move, there will never be a random camper who cannot move to a player's island in New Horizons. Persistence is usually the key in these interactions, although having the same conversation over and over can be frustrating. Amiibo simplifies the process of inviting new villagers to the island, but even so, the process takes three days. It may be worth an hour or so to have a random villager in the camp, especially if the camper is the player's dreamer.

Once the Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells player convinces a random camper to enter, one of two things will happen. If the player has an open plot, the camper will simply request that space as his house. If the player has an entire island, the camper will propose to replace the villagers who already live on the island. Just like campers, the villagers they request to replace are randomly generated, so it is impossible to predict what name will pop up in the conversation.

If the "New Horizons" camper asks to replace the "Animal Crossing" villagers that the player wants to keep, he can forcefully quit the game by pressing the "Home" button on the Nintendo Switch and then selecting the highlighted X in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game will close without saving, then the player can log in again and try again.

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