GOLD NECKLACES. Those more keen on staying at the conveniences of RuneScape gold cities this method should match the most. It does not require membership accounts, has low entrance requirements (just level your crafting skill to 6 and you're good to go), helps you ability Crafting, and yields about 100k gold pieces each hour by just pulling some golden rings and bars molds and stuffing them into the furnace. Contemplating that is non-membership strategy and taking into consideration that requirements are almost non-existent, so this should be your go-to if you want to create some gold quickly.I only bought 3 months of membership following a two year break. I am halfway through the first moth and moved from level 60 melee skills to level 70, except assault that is now 72. I am considering training strike, strength, and defence around 75 and then going into Taverly dungeon to get some money from blue dragons. Before I go to blue dragons, then I'd like to get some better armour and weapons when I could. Id like to know what to buy for equipment.

After I get my melee skills to 75, I shall have regarding 5mil. I'm training on tortoises from the gnome stronghold because they have high hp and low assault. They're not good cash, but thay've been quickly xp sofar. I plan on only using melee combat (no more range/mage).

My present equipment: Drag med helm, Rune platebody, Drag platelegs, Drag boots, Abyssal whip, drag dagger de ++, or haul scimi, Tok-et-xil (shield). I had been thinking about getting barrows armour before I realised it degrades overtime, which would mean spending a great deal of cash to buy it again. If anybody has any sugestions regarding how Ican level up my three melee abilities to 80 and make money, please tell me!

Well, first off, you do not have to re-buy that the barrows armour, just recharge it, that costs very little. Your plan of blue dragons seems great for cash, but if you anticipate playing long term, slayer is a better option, and you'll regret it later if you do play for a long time... The equipment you are using today appears good, but try to have a guardian since they are much better, and the barrows armour. The whip/d scim is good for training, so keep that.

Alright, so recently I have kind of loss curiosity about Runescape, just because it seemed like bossing/slaying, and that's exactly what I mainly do. But recently I desired 90 Mining, I don't understand why. I had been planning to follow up with Smithing to get Dungeoneering, only for like Promethium/Skill Rooms/Looks nice. So I then thought about LRC. Because I had been considering when I occasionally fished in there whilst getting 99 Fishing and rs 2007 gold there was to it.