As recently reported, the main content rhythm of World of Warcraft Classic has quietly come to an end.

What's next? Well, if BlizzCon happens, we might get the news in November last year. Instead, we may get it at the Blizzard Online Carnival in February.

Blizzard can keep the "vanilla classic" feel unchanged and isolated. This is a rather risky adventure, because the player base may gradually decrease and do the same thing over and over again. The publisher still seems to be satisfied with its performance, expansion and integration into the modern "World of Warcraft" subscription base (remember, a sub-version can get two versions at the same time): so this can make Blizzard at least another year or so.

Alternatively, Blizzard can start with Burning Crusade to add separate "extended" servers incrementally for future xpac. Given the Classic WOW Gold high demand for BC and Wrath of the Lich King (arguably the two most popular extensions), it is possible to obtain some form of extended access. Under this assumption, the "Burning Crusade" server will be separated from the "Classic Vanilla", so the original experience can be stored in the survival time capsule.

Or, there is another option. We can also get a complete incremental transition of World of Warcraft. Similarly, "Burning Crusade" completely took over and deformed the game. Leave "vanilla" in the dust. Since then, every few years, expansions and patches will cycle until the game is “modern” again (the “main” version of the WOW Classic Gold For Sale game will undergo multiple expansions).

This is really tricky, and I bet Blizzard is now dealing with a lot of numbers. Or they have a preliminary plan to be released in November, which will be divisive. For me, although this will require a lot of work, I think a separate expansion strategy is the most friendly for everyone. In fact, I think they will start to expand it.

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