Are you looking for the best content management system to build an exceptional website for your business? We vouch for Drupal! Just to let you know, Drupal is one of the most famous content management software that is also open-source and free. Now, you must be skeptical about how there can be a single solution to your dream website, right? Well, fret not! We’re here to help you and let you know everything about Drupal. As a popular CMS platform, Drupal can say yes to all your expectations and requirements of your website. You name it, Drupal can set it up for you on your website. So, let’s find out together everything about this popular CMS platform

What is Drupal?

Drupal consists of the PHP script, modules, and themes to set up a website. Modules are web components like building blocks to create web pages. To turn on a particular feature and its functionality, you have to install a module and vice versa for disabling it. By combining the right set of modules, you can get the desired functionality and create an apt website. Your online presence reflects your identity. Thereby a polished website appeal is an investment and boosts conversions when you make an impression on the viewers. That is why Drupal provides multiple options to customize the best look for your website.

How is Drupal set up?

You can set up a Drupal website without any complications. With the zip file download followed by a few configuration steps, you can have a site hosted online. If you are running the site locally, you will need a Stack that includes a web server, database, and PHP interpreting software.  

What are the benefits of Drupal?

There are thousands of themes and modules in Drupal to build your website and define your website’s ideal look.  

Availability of web-based tools to support online content editing. You can also format, review, and set limitations to the content (for example, you can make up restrictions to limit the number of characters in a field)

As a general-purpose CMS, you can build any website in Drupal development. If you have a great idea to create or modify any functionality but are unable to bring it into reality or get stuck somewhere, you can always reach out to the Drupal community. There is a high chance that someone must have been in similar shoes like yours. Unlike other CMSs, all the modules are contributed free to the Drupal community. 


Most CMS packages are quite expensive, and some are free with license limitations. But Drupal holds the GNU public license. Hence anyone can modify and use it with no maintenance.


To enjoy the fruits of using Drupal and develop your website from end to end, you will need an expert for Drupal development. It requires in-depth knowledge to enable the functionalities you have planned for your website. Auxesis Infotech helps you in building a flawless Drupal website as they have years of experience working in the industry. As an active contributor to the Drupal Community, Auxesis Infotech has hands-on experience in providing top-quality Drupal services. Our experts focus on understanding the client's requirements and build their respective sites just like they dreamt it.