In Shadowlands, it can quickly reach 50 to 60. WOW has completed its transformation from a geographical organization (a series of tortuous jumps from mission center to mission center) to a narrative structure familiar to any modern RPG or open world game. There is a "critical path" story event that will occupy most of your time when you level up, and if you choose, it will also add optional side tasks to a large extent to delay you. Shadowlands’ storytelling is focused and closely related to its star story "The Covenant." These are four factions. After reaching the upper limit of rank, you will choose one of them. They are Kyrian (angels), Necrolords, Night Fae, and Venthyr, each tending to the Classic WOW Gold afterlife, and not always tenderly raising the souls they care for. All of their four kingdoms hang over a real hell called The Maw-this place is so terrible that you cannot ride the mount there. The widow is ruled by a huge abusive beef cake called The Jailer. The cake is as famous as the lost tribal warchief Sylvanas Windrunner, and consolidates his army by siphoning the souls of all the dead to invade all reality.

The covenant and mysterious paradise allow WOW artists and writers to indulge in exaggerated archetypes and delicious and simple clichés more fully. As you ride a space worm from the enchanting fairy forest to the Cheap WOW Classic Gold broken Gothic spire of a vampire town, you will feel more like visiting a pop fantasy theme park than ever. This is also WOW's largest formation expansion since "Burning Crusade". Conceptually it is 11, throwing out a huge, peculiar vision, which looks like "Yes", "Madman" and "Meat Loaf" album covers Airbrush art. It is very entertaining, and often achieves saturated, gorgeous and gorgeous effects-although my personal preference is to explore the jungle, desert, mountains and ruined temples of the old city of Azeroth, such as some kind of fantasy Indiana Jones.

Once you reach the level limit and choose the contract, the game will restart from the contract mission campaign and many new unlocked features, many of which are unique to the team you choose. You will get covenant-level classroom and mobile skills, covenant bases can hang out, covenant followers can perform tasks, covenant fast travel network and three character choices to form Soulbinds (you can unlock new talents) Tree), and of course, there are some exquisite cosmetic rewards. I chose Venthyr, so I got some practical armor options, such as tombstones on my back and small red wax candles on my shoulders. You will also get special game features. In Venthyr's case, this is a party that you can host once a week to win the support of new characters. You will continue to work hard to arrange food and entertainment activities, and try to guide the activities according to your guests' preferences (formal or leisure, tranquil or violent). These are lingering, absurd, somewhat ridiculous, and almost pathetic, because these nobles and nobles in the afterlife surround the dilapidated castle around the pillars, judging that they lost their souls while drinking tea for entertainment. I think it changed from the raid.

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