India is the world's most important muscovite resource countries, it is reported that 62% of the world's mica produced in India. India has three major ore belt: the largest belt is located in Jharkhand, India, rich in high-grade red mica; 80% of Indian mica is from Jharkhand (Bihar); Andhra Pradesh mine Belt is famous for its green muscovite; Rajasthan ore belt produced red mica variants, quality is inferior to the Jakarta Debonmuscovite.

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Mica mines are mainly produced in North Carolina, accounting for 37% of total US production; followed by Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Dakota. North Carolina is currently producing only broken mica, South Carolina mica resources are mainly produced schist in sericite and pegmatite mica, but smaller. In the western Montenegro of South Kocho, there is a large reserve of crushed mica.