"Shadowlands" of "World of Warcraft" has been on sale for a few weeks, which means that even more casual players are beginning to reach new level caps on its main interface and begin to explore the content of the endgame. Although it includes the usual PvP, Mythic + dungeon, and raid lineup; there is a new feature in Shadowlands that helps fill the time at the end of the game: Torghast.

Running in Torghast is not quite like the Classic WOW Gold nightmare in "Battle for Azeroth" or any of the previous features, although it is somewhat similar to the Suramar zombie game in "Legion", this is a repeatable instantiation scene , Expands from single-player games to group games, and allows players to experience more and more difficult challenges in order to obtain exciting "World of Warcraft" endgame rewards.

Unfortunately, Torghast’s early days were full of drama, as some players entered social media and game feedback forums to express their disappointment with the challenge. Blizzard reacted quickly, and after several weeks of fine adjustments, it finally eliminated more nerves over the weekend. The Cheap WOW Classic Gold new nerf has made some major changes to Torghast's difficulty level, which should balance things. For participants who did not follow the community’s debate, the root of the problem may be a bit confusing.

So far, the real problem with Torghast is that it over-punishes certain classes or party formations. At higher levels, running will become more and more difficult, but until this weekend, some courses have advantages over others in dealing with the various threats Torghast must provide.

For example, in Torghast's most challenging moments, tank categories and specifications with many interruptions and a deeper health pool have major advantages. Many of Torgst's bunker leaders are casters, and players who have not had a quick cooldown interruption will have serious trouble every time they encounter a powerful spell. nerf directly solves this problem by establishing a longer delay between basic magic damage spells.

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