Each leveling area in Shadowlands is a unique and beautiful gem. Whether you like it or not, it has its own unique beauty. I can look at the landscape pictures of each area and immediately tell which area it comes from. When you think that the common theme among them is the afterlife, this is really amazing. The design of each area reinforces the elements that make each covenant unique and promotes the development of the afterlife.

After the introduction of fancy words, the fort was the first area we novices would go to. To be honest, it felt like everything was stagnant and it took a long time to pass. In order to explain the problem better, we entered the Maw and chased the Classic WOW Gold friends captured by Sylvanas, with a strong sense of urgency. Then, we ended our study at Oribos and learned some knowledge about Shadowlands and how things should work. However, the urgency still exists, because everyone realizes that there is indeed a mistake.

Then we headed to the fort, and the story seemed to touch the wall. The grand story about why we are here must be put on hold for a short while, because no one believes that we have super important news to communicate. Therefore, on the contrary, we must act like any other aspiring person who enters the fortress. I know we are something that has never been seen on the Shadow Continent before, but I do feel that when I reach the fortress, the momentum of advancement has stopped. Although all other areas follow the formula of "arrive, help them solve the problem, and return to Oribos", the other areas seem to be functioning well and the contrast feels fast. Except for Revendreth, we will discuss it later.

In the last few extensions, we enjoyed the freedom to play each leveling area in the Cheap WOW Classic Gold desired order. Although this is interesting for many players because they can do things flexibly and help disperse more players, it does make telling a complete story more complicated, because no matter what order the player chooses, everything becomes meaningful . Blizzard hopes to use Shadowlands to tell a more cohesive story, so we have no choice but to move forward in order. In most cases, this method works well and does tell a cohesive story.

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