As the wedding day nears by you start planning elaborately for all the ceremonies with minute details. After all, your wedding is once in a lifetime event, hopefully, which should be conducted with grandeur.

To make your special day extra special for you undertakes flower delivery in Dubai and executes it with great precision. You can consider some ideas given by our professional florists regarding the decoration of the venue to make the event extraordinary.

1. Have the venue decorated with bouquets in all the seven colours of the rainbow to give the feel of a celestial wedding.

2. You can have a colour theme wedding in which all the guests are requested to have a particular colour in their dress. The wedding decoration should also be done in that colour. Say 'yellow' so that it would seem that the sunshine has covered the venue at an odd hour.

3. Arrange for your wedding in a posh club where all the guests would have to don western attire.

4. Plan a traditional wedding in which all the ceremonies will be done strictly according to the traditional rituals. The attire will also be traditional.

5. Have all the decoration done in the white colour with the lamps in the shape of the moon to give the feeling of a moonlit wedding. Only the groom and the bride should wear bright coloured attire to stand out from the rest.

6. You can have a wedding in which all the decoration should be done in a rustic manner. The seating arrangement, the food and even the utensils should be the one which is used in the villages.

7. Have the decoration done with colourful kites with different shapes and sizes. Let the couple sore in the sky of happiness with a dream-like wedding.

8. Flowers used for a wedding decoration should be of a single variety in different shades. Roses in the colour of red, pink, white, yellow, blue, magenta, etc. should be used liberally for the décor of the venue. Have a rosy wedding.

9. Use fairy light of various colours for the decoration of the venue. Even trees and shrubs should be decorated with fairy lights. Elaborate designs made with the fairy light should adorn the stage and the main entrance.

10. Have the whole hall of the wedding lit by candles of different sizes. It would look extremely beautiful when the light of the candles would brighten up the whole place.

11. Have a life-size floral photo frame created in the corner of the hall. This will be the ideal place for the guests to have their pictures taken. The pictures of the guests would look like as if they have been placed in the colourful photo frame.

12. Create an old-world charm by using a worn down rickshaw decorated with flowers and streamers for the guests to be photographed on. You can have a small hut created and have hookahs placed on the tables for the guests. The waiters should also be dressed according to the trends of the yesteryears.

Disclose your idea of a decoration to our team at The flowers needed for the decoration can be delivered from our florists in Al Ain. Our team of florists there are extremely talented and can provide you with some excellent ideas to make your wedding more happening.

The flowers that we use for decorations in weddings are roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, gerberas, lilies, carnations, gladiolas, orchids, lavender, heliconias and many more. For presentation at weddings, we have flower arrangements as simple bouquets, flowers in baskets, flowers in a glass vase, flowers in boxes, and the most gorgeous ones are the flower stands.