It follows that, all else being equal, I will get as much XP doing floor 1 with a prestige of OSRS gold 9 because I did the first time I did floor 5 using a prestige (current advancement ) of 5.

Similarly, there is scarcely any reason to ever redo a floor and choose the"zero prestige" penalty. If you think about it, you're always better off to save advancement and begin over at floor 1, because averaging a 1 from floor 1 having a high prestige figure is better than averaging a high floor number using a prestige of zero.

As we do our next run of floors with our prior progress of 4, we are going to be receiving XP as we proceed. Most likely, we will have sufficient XP to unlock floor 5. As soon as we doour present advancement will end up 5, which is higher than our previous advancement. The same will apply to some other floors we're able to unlock: the prior prestige figure is only used for flooring with amounts under ones you unlock.

Say we are able to return to floor 7 until we must stop, being not able to perform floor 8. We must now again"reset", now locking in a preceding progress value of 7. That will then be our prestige amount next time we go back to floor 1 and start over. This routine ought to be repeated whenever you run out of flooring to do, slowly building your stature and ensuring that you get more XP because you level up, even on simpler floors.

Checking Floors Completed from the Current Run. Every time you prepare to go into the dungeon, the game will show a display with a checkmark beside every floor you have completed in the present run of advancement. This will let you avoid repeating flooring you have previously done. In multiplayer groups, the team leader will observe that these checkmarks for cheap RS gold all team members, ideally allowing him or her to decide on a floor that hasn't been done at the current run by some members of the group.