Blizzard today showed off what it will prepare for World of Warcraft e-sports next year.

Starting from the foundation provided in 2020, the tournament system will be adjusted globally to ensure that the best players in PvP and PvE games have many opportunities to show their achievements to everyone.

With the launch of the 14th World Arena Championship, Blizzard expanded the epic PvP competition to two seasons. In 2021, AWC will be composed of two seasons and will culminate in AWC: the Shadowlands 2021 finals next fall. The total prize pool this year is $900,000.

Starting today, teams in North America and Europe can register for the first season of the Open Cup on GameBattles. In addition to the prize pool of $10,000 per cup, teams will also compete for points. After all four cups are over, the Classic WOW Gold top eight highest-scoring teams from North America and Europe will enter the tournament.
The tour will consist of a four-week tour and a total prize pool of $160,000. After the tour, the top four teams from each region will win their places in the finals of the first season and take shots in the $200,000 prize pool.

After the first season champion was crowned, it was time to lay the foundation for the second season. The WOW Classic Gold For Sale top six regional teams in the first season of the tour will automatically enter the second season of the tour, instead of other series of open cups, and the rest of the positions will be filled by the open relegation cup. The relegation cup will consist of the two teams with the worst results from the first season tour in North America and Europe, competing with competitors who hope to get a seat in the second season. At the end of the cup, the top two teams from various regions will enter the second season of the tournament.

Like the first season, the remaining teams in North America and Europe will compete for a share of the total prize money of $160,000 and compete for one of the four regions in the finals. Promoted final teams will compete for the expanded $300,000 prize pool and consolidate their name to become the AWC: Shadowlands 2021 Finals Champion.

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