Hair extensions are trending and there is no way that they are getting out of it any sooner. There are many benefits to purchasing the hair extensions of your choice. But one of the most important things to consider is that they have to be of the correct weave size to fit on your head. Most of the users forget about this at the point of purchase or some of us may not be aware of it in the first place, especially the ones who are investing in it for the first time. People mostly prefer to go with 22 inches of the weave. What is so great about these 22 inches of weave? 

They provide protection

This length is perfect to provide protection to your natural hair because it tends to cover it up and lets them nurture. The 22 inches of weave protect your hair against bad weather and pollution. On the other hand, you keep them healthy by taking good care of them. Another point to note here is that you can color or dye the weaves instead of your natural hair if you love experimenting with different colors regularly. 

Prompt styling 

Wearing weaves can give your hair a great look instantly without much effort. We cannot change our natural hair so consistently but this is not the case with the 20, 22, 24-inch hair extensions. With such hair extensions, you can style them, change their color, and add whatever texture you want without complaining about your natural hair getting damaged. 

Gives you an instant feminine look

The 20, 22, 24-inch hair extensions give just the perfect feminine look to you within minutes. Thus, those who have short hair can experiment with the look while wearing hair weaves and determine how long hair suits them. 

Gives you a new edge

The weaves give you a new edge because now you can experiment with different styles and look at how it changes your appearance in just a blink of the eye. 

Now that you know why people are in love with the 20, 22, 24-inch hair extensions, you can easily convince your decision. For those who don’t know, the hair extensions and weaves come in different styles. Let's' look at a few of these:

Straight weave

Gives a smooth and shiny hair look as they are sleek and straight. Your hair gets a better length, making them look fantastic.

Wavy weave

It is out of doubt that with a perfect Wavy weave you are going to walk with confidence. These hair extensions give a royal look. Thus, if you are planning to go to a wedding or any other grand functions, these wavy weaves are going to get you some appreciation. 

Kinky curly

These are the best options if you want immense volume and style in your hair. One can easily get that celebrity look with these. 

See what suits you and don’t forget to have fun with your hair.