The World of Warcraft "race to the world's number one" will begin tomorrow. The game will be the first mythical attack in the shadow of the castle of Nasria. There will be many ways to watch Twitch events. Following the successful broadcasts of Method, Red Bull and Complexity-Limit, many guilds are seeking to promote their brands during the event, which may last until Christmas weekend.

The most likely scenario is that top guilds like Complexity-Limit and Echo will sweep the first few leaders of the team on the first to the WOW Classic Gold second day, and then encounter obstacles, and they try to be the first in the world to kill The team of Sire Denathrius people. The boss is in a fabulous dilemma. Usually, the "Right for World Number One (RWF)" raid lasts at least six days. However, depending on the difficulty of the last few bosses, this may take several weeks, giving the audience the opportunity to examine various viewpoints.

In addition to well-known game commentators, the organization also invited the help of a set of popular "World of Warcraft" ribbons One True King led by Asmongold to hold round table discussions about the game every day. If you are looking for a broad overview of the event, including detailed discussions on team attacks and detailed strategies, this channel may provide you with the best combination.

After a reorganization in October, Method's broadcast effect will be different. In previous raids, the guild did not broadcast team communications. But this time, you will be able to capture everything the guild does in and the Twitch stream of founder and attacker Scott "Sco" McMillan. Method’s broadcast may not reach the first few raids during World of Warcraft’s last expansion of "Battle for Azeroth." After a large number of escapes from Method in the summer, many former Method raiders formed a guild called Echo, which proved to be the fiercest competition for the complexity of restrictions within Nathria Castle.

As a European guild, Echo will not be able to conduct surprise inspections until December 16, but the team will have its own production team, which includes well-known figures in World of Warcraft, such as Cayna, MrGM and FatbossTV. In addition to including voice communications, Complexity-Limit was well-known for its achievements during the World of Warcraft Classic Gold BFA, and the guild also collaborated with Logitech, Blue Microphone, Red Bull and Rise Over the Disorder.

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