Diet books are popular in a world where people are to working hard every day to shed some pounds off their body. However, it is very difficult to get a good set of books that actually tells you the truth and helps you throughout your weight loss journey. Good that you reading this article because here are the two best books that are going to do exactly the same as what a personal trainer does with their clients. That is to guide and help them at each step. 

Book 1: “The Spud Fit Cookbook - A Whole Foods Potato-Based Guide To Eating And Living” - Andrew Taylor and Mandy Van Zanen

This is a whole book that not only guides you in eating but also teaches you how to gain certain lifestyle changes for a longer-term, successfully maintaining and sustaining your health. It is more than just a book of meals as it is a contribution of more than 80 world leaders of the plant-based movement. This book will help you to improve and modify your relationship with food in a way that will give you an opportunity of a lifetime to learn a better way of living. The Spud Fit Cookbook includes more than 100 whole food spud based recipes. This is the best of all the whole food diet books as it mentions: 

whole food diet books

  • Tips to overcome your cravings for junk once and for all. 
  • Learn about the benefits of potatoes or spuds and tells you the whole science about it. 
  • Tells you the best solution to treat the addiction to food that causes weight gain and ill-health.
  • Tells you what is mom-diet and the underlying psychology for treating food addiction. 
  • Contains more insights on ‘potatoes’ such as what potatoes are the best fit for consumption 

This whole food diet book is best for those who have undertaken the spud-fit challenge and want to know more about the core of the diet and the science of potatoes to discover all the possibilities with a little potato. 

Book 2: “The DIY Spud Fit Challenge - A How-to Guide to Tackling Food Addiction” - Andrew Taylor and Mandy Van Zanen

Andrew 'Spud Fit' Taylor is the one who left the whole world stunned with the results he got out of eating just potatoes for eight months. He basically quit eating food in 2016 and turned towards eating only potatoes. Surprisingly he lost about 110 pounds or 50 kgs in a span of just eight months. Not only did he lose weight but overcame clinical depression and anxiety at the same time. The DIY Spud Fit Challenge is a potato recipes books that reveal twelve simple and cheap potato recipes. Moreover, there are some mindful tips that are going to help you to reset your mind and body. 

You too can avail of these online and start with the journey towards a better and changed lifestyle. Get your copies today!