All along, World of Warcraft has been named killing. Of course, this is nominal. But for many years, a player is different, he has resisted this kind of forced violence. His name is Doubleagent and he is a pacifist panda monk. He reached the new limit of 60 just after he picked millions of flowers. What's more impressive is that he has completed all the work. What is surprising is that he has never left the roaming island. This is a starting area only for players below level 10.

The reason Doubleagent never left Wandering Island is that he must choose to join one of the two factions of Warcraft: Alliance or Horde. That means becoming two military regimes responsible for killing millions of people. When most players level up by stabbing dragons, culling boars and murdering each other in PvP, Doubleagent is picking flowers. It's hard to exaggerate how boring this achievement is. Wandering Island is an area specially designed for new characters. It only rewards a small amount of experience in killing creatures in the area or picking flowers for herbal skills in the case of Doubleagent. For every hour Doubleagent spent, he just ran in circles, clicking on the flowers as they reborn.

After Doubleagent spent 8,000 hours in the game to reach the highest level during the legion expansion period, someone interviewed Doubleagent in 2016. When the Battle for Azeroth was launched in 2018 and the Classic WOW Gold upper level limit was increased to 120, Doubleagent estimated that it took 240 hours to gather flowers to upgrade. Now that Shadowlands has been launched, Doubleagent has done it again.

Fortunately, Doubleagent's latest flower-picking event seemed to take less time. Shadowlands came out only 18 days ago, but it also made the leveling speed much faster. However, he did not share how many hours have been spent playing since Shadowlands was launched. Unlike previous expansions, Doubleagent does not seem to broadcast his slow journey to level 60 live. It doesn't look appealing, but in the past few years, players have gathered to celebrate his achievements in the game, which is always interesting.

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