Of Nations (free to play, due out some day): I got Cheapest wow classic gold a look at Trion Worlds upcoming, free to play hybrid of real time strategy and massively multiplayer online game during E3. It being developed by Petroglyph, the folks who made at War. Despite the real time strategy tag, of Nations won feature a ton of building and resource management in the flow of its normal game.

John Connors, of Costalot Stables, in Heath Road, Bagworth, persuaded two men in their 60s to pay him on the spot for resurfacing their driveways, Leicester Magistrates Court heard.However, after the work was done the customers realised a new surface had not been laid, and their old drives had simply been painted black.In a case brought by Leicestershire County Council Trading Standards, prosecutor Kevin Barry said Connors unwittingly tried to con one victim again, less than a year after fleecing him for 2,000 the first time around.He said: "The first case involved the defendant targeting a homeowner in Burbage in the summer of 2017."He answered the door to Connors, who offered to repair his drive. After a bit of haggling, involving high pressure sales tactics, they agreed a price of 2,000."The defendant then directed a second 'foreign speaking" labourer to paint the driveway while he sat in a van until the work was done."the drives black The complainant paid the agreed fee before the defendant left in his van.Mr Barry added: "Unfortunately, the work done amounted to painting the drive black."The problem was this paint soon began to peel, leaving the driveway in a worse state than before."The defendant had not left any contact details, so the victim couldn't actually make a complaint."However, a year later, the complainant had a knock on his door from the same man, telling him his driveway was a mess and offering to fix it."Fortunately, on this occasion, he recognised the defendant for what he was."Read MoreThe latest from the courtsThe second victim was an Ibstock man who arrived home in May last year to see the defendant outside his home carrying leaflets.Mr Barry said Connors once again used high pressure sales techniques to convince the man he needed work doing to his drive, and a price of 2,000 was agreed.He said: "It was practically the same thing on the second occasion. The complainant was under the impression that a new surface was going to be left."The defendant gave a false name and a flyer left with the victim advertised a company named Block Paving Services Ltd alongside a dummy telephone number.Incidents reported to trading standards Both incidents were reported to trading standards and Connors was arrested several months later.The second customer parked car had still been running when Connors was at the property, and his dash cam recorded the defendant..

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