In World of Warcraft, I like to play multiple roles. I will dive into the list of characters to experience each of their unique stories. In Shadowlands, each covenant has its own personality and storyline. I want to experience all of these.

In the past two weeks, I have added three more characters in Shadowlands and have been upgraded to level 60. But my paladin is still dressed neatly, chasing after him and preparing to attack. Because Shadowlands relaxed the requirements, I was able to spend time with other characters and their Covenant-specific stories without feeling disappointed by my new guild members. This is how I choose to spend extra World of Warcraft time-I want to continue playing Warcraft a week after "finishing" my Paladin. For those players who want to polish cosmetics and bonuses for their protagonists, there are many more.
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Although I don’t have to spend dozens of hours a week to keep up, if I don’t choose to make the game “lifeless” and spend all my time honing things, it’s not World of Warcraft. I spent a lot of time on Shadowlands without doing a lot of things, such as further building my sanctuary with new convenience features and activities. Or looking for rare mounts, or upgrading the character’s profession so that I can make money at the auction house.

All these things take a lot of time, but they are optional. I will find them eventually. I have four highest-level roles to perform, including a paladin dedicated to the WOW Classic Gold team. But I also have to spend time with my wife and can also play other video games. In this way, Shadowlands can easily get rid of the burden of the previous expansion work and the 16-year-old MMO.

Shadowlands cannot do all the World of Warcraft Classic Gold work perfectly. The search experience is not as smooth as the previous expansion, and the search is not as diverse. It's too early to look at the quality of the endgame content and updates. However, even if I am willing to invest in Shadowlands for a limited time, I can still play the endgame content.

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