I joined EVE Echoes when it first came out, so I already have a lot of mastery of the game. I also have a lot of experience in the game, I want to share with you.

In the intermediate learning after EVE Echoes, players mainly balance and learn Encounters, which is a very solid experience. Encounter games are similar to missions in other games, and complement the tutorial system that takes players into space. Selecting from the list in the main menu, the pilot may be transporting cargo, defending the ship or scanning for new anomalies. In fact, these tasks are intermediate tasks of EVE Echoes. These missions have a large number of self-tracking systems, automatic navigation and automatic battle functions, which are also to allow players to easily obtain ISK in the game and obtain loot from the EVE Echoes ISK conquest. When players consider epic space wars and company conflicts, this is a relatively calm thing. When EVE appeared in the game media, EVE was such an attractive proposition, but this calm acquisition and start to EVE The overall feel of Echoes is a good introduction. Although the user interface and story tasks unlocked by the player are not so obvious, it must be said that this is a game where freedom is the key.
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EVE Echoes players have entered a new career path, and of course it is their own choice. You will have the opportunity to walk on various paths, each of which leads the player into a specific skill set of character traits. Classes like the role system can be trained in the background like other systems in the game. You will hear other players describe it as queuing, and this passive training may be different from the more traditional point-based RPG system that some of you are used to, but the career system is not as strict as the clerk The integration may be expected in another area.

Whether the player chooses to engage in military, industrial, or some kind of hybrid talent gathering or other, these are essential to test drive the craft of your choice. EVE Echoes once again links these skills with a more advanced tutorial system, providing players with at least the minimum level of ships and tools needed to adapt to their abilities. When you learn more about how to search and search for planetary resources or launch torpedoes, the tutorial system is like a simple way to give players the opportunity to complete tasks that complement pilot skills. The way that EVE Echoes helps guide players in a specific direction without forcing any predetermined paths fully illustrates the way NetEase adopts this new format to maintain the spirit of EVE.

Of course, in EVE, you don't need to take any measures, although the level curve in EVE Echoes can feel calm to some people, you don't need to insist on using the inner ring of the new Eden. Go to the outer edge of the known galaxy and you will be able to do whatever you want, engage in evil activities, find other players and dig out the best planets. One of the main tenants of EVE is that you will be able to engage in the basic gaming experience and get along well in the middle alleys of High Sec, but in more lawless areas, the best bounty exists.

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