If you're an author reading up on how to market your book with a website, you're on the right track. Professional book marketers advise there is enormous value in excellent author websites and blogs. They serve as the essential online hub of information where fans, reviewers, and the media can visit to find out more about a book. Related blogs provide authors with expanded opportunities to connect with fans and others with well-written and thought-provoking posts. When well-developed and user are friendly, author websites are considerable assets to book marketing campaigns and author branding.

Your author website should be customized and an excellent reflection of your book, personality, and expertise (or industry). Book covers are among the best visuals for the site and often are displayed prominently on the home page. Also, there should be links that take site visitors to a place where the book is for sale. It's best if the links are available from every page in a visually suitable manner. In today's world, people read books in various ways, so make sure your site connects to purchase options for all versions – hardcover, paperback, audiobooks, ebooks, etc.

Every well-designed author website needs an About page. It should include several items, including the table of contents from your book, a sample chapter or two, quotes from favorable reviews or testimonials, and like all other pages, a link to where to buy the book. It's also common for people (even small booksellers) to be searching for information about how to purchase copies of the book in bulk. If the About page helps them also, it can provide an easy boost to sales. Having an About the Author page also is essential. Bios in both long and short forms should be included along with contact information.

Virtually every book benefits from publicity and media attention, and therefore author websites need pages for the media. They work best when they include press releases, downloadable versions of the book cover, and author photos in both high and low resolution. It's helpful to have links to media coverage as it occurs so that producers and editors are aware you're receiving coverage. Allowing site visitors to sign up for an email newsletter is useful to begin building relationships with fans. It's excellent for future book promotion and helps your current book sell copies.