Powder coating is a modern and robust method of adding coatings to the surfaces. On the surface, the dry powder is coated and then baked in the oven until it has reached its melting point. The coating wraps the surface and creates a perfect coat with an even surface that makes the surface more resistant to cracks, breakage, UV, and corrosion than regular liquid painting.

The equipment utilized in this method is divided into two: an electrostatic coating in which the powder is applied using charging guns onto the targeted area and a fluidized bed in which powder is filled in the air cavity reservoir at the bottom. It is used in the powder coating process to bind the pre-heated coating to the surface of the substrate.
Surface preparation is a crucial step towards a good powder coating. Free the surface from residues of oil, lubricants, oxide stains, and other blemishes on the intended substrate. If there are some stains on the substrate, several cleaning methods may be used depending on the material, the amount of stain, and the size of the area to be cleaned. Test the products to make sure they are not hazardous to your wellbeing.
For wood, plastic, and glass objects, sandblasting may be done, while silicon carbide grit is used on non-metallic materials. For steel structures such as beams, a cast steel shot is used to render the powder coating surface. The material utilized for the coating is composed of colored ground particles. Particles are electrostatically charged and sprayed to the surface. Particles are electrically grounded to be firmly bonded to the surface before the process is finished.
Curing is a necessary process wherein after the powder is applied on the substrate, and it is put in an infrared curing oven or a convection curing oven. It is subjected to around 200 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes. In this method, the powder coating is melted and permitted to bond permanently to the surface.
Using the proper tools, you can produce a durable finish that sticks more rigorously to the surface than the conventional painting process. Powder coating is superior to other methods of painting due to the reality that it is resistant to chemicals, does not need any solvents, and is environmentally friendly.

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