We all are living in a time when the world relies heavily on technology. Developers are in the quest of constant learning and look for a programming language that evolves each year. Selecting the correct programming language is core to the successful app, web app, and software development as well as associated solutions.

With a lot of programming languages available in the market these days, it becomes tough for developers to choose a suitable language. Other than that, it is also tough to understand their future scope in the years to come.

Regardless of whether a person is an owner of a software/application software/web app development business/firm or works as a developer, they must know how to select the best language for an upcoming project or to upgrade their skills.

It is thus important for developers to keep themselves updated about the mobile app development company and the revenue of the industry too. Research from leading bodies reveals that global mobile app revenues have crossed the USD$ 365 billion mark and are expected to generate more than USD$ 935 billion dollars by 2023.

Talking about the latest in programming languages can help software companies amplify their success in terms of business. It has also been understood Python is preferred by most developers. Why? Because it comes in with popular frameworks.

Before developers select their preferred language, experts from a custom software development company Dallas would like to share their views about Python and why it is really the programming language of the next level.

About the Python language – Things worth understanding

Python is admired by a load of developers for numerous reasons. First, it is known as an easy-to-use object-oriented programming language. Second, it has large scale web development services by using frameworks like Django, Flask, and the like.

Python comes with a wide range of features and simple syntax coding helping developers work faster, efficiently, and in a much more effective manner too.

There are a lot of robust apps of Python that have the ability to cover technical advances such as web development, desktop development, machine learning, data science, network servers, GUI, and the like. The language is an open-source language with a professional community that is huge and constantly works in improving its technology.

The following are some of the most renowned and gigantic brands that use Python:


One of the most renowned social media platforms, for quite some time it has been using Python. Production engineers at the firms are using Python enabling around 4 million daily active users in photographing, editing, and sharing their memories in digital albums created on the platform.


Known to be best in the world of social networking, it runs itself using the Django web framework which has been created completely in Python.


Netflix relies on Python for data analysis on the aspect of its servers. Python here is primarily used in the Central Alert Gateway and monkey apps to track security changes and history too.


A piece of renowned music streaming app, it uses Python for data analysis and back-end services. The brand has a preference for a faster development pipeline as it writes and codes it in Python.

Main benefits of using Python for app development

Without any doubt, Python has been used for a wide range of projects ranging from simple kinds to the more complicated variety, covering various industry sectors like healthcare, finance, travel, transportation, and others for web development services.

Thanks to its elegance and ease of use, Python has gained the attention of not just big brands but has also offered them numerous benefits which are as under:

  • It is simple and easy to learn.
  • It offers much better visualizations.
  • It offers more functionality with the lower code.
  • It is an open-source language with a large community.
  • It provides support for self-paced coding.
  • It helps save considerably in terms of finances.
  • It is best for prototypes.
  • It employs a multiple programming approach.
  • Provides well-known frameworks to codes to work with.
  • Provides support for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Businesses that have no digital presence must act now to adopt a digital transformation plan as early as they can. Whether they need a complicated website, or a backend for either Android/iOS mobile apps, Python is the best choice for them.