Taizhou Huangyan Rongwei Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. is located in Huangyan, the hometown of moulds in China. We have the most advanced mold manufacturing equipment and the most qualified and well-trained staff. One of our main products is crate mould.

The structure of the crate mould is reasonable, the operation is reliable, the forming process is easy to control, and the quality of the crate is guaranteed. Use hot runner system technology to improve the quality of plastic parts, reduce production costs and save time.

At present, crates used in the logistics field, such as beer crates, milk crates, food crates and various turnover crates used in workshops, are basically made of plastic.

The plastic turnover box has the characteristics of anti-bending, anti-aging, heavy load, tensile, compression, tear resistance, high temperature resistance and so on.

These crates are usually large in size and also require good mechanical properties, low temperature performance and durability.

To meet these requirements, HDPE is used as a raw material, and many criss-cross ribs are designed on the outer surface and bottom of the plastic crate to increase its strength and rigidity.

In order to obtain a good injection molding effect, in the design of the crate mold structure, due to the large size and complex shape, the crate mold usually uses 4 or 6 hot runner blanking gates (or 3 lath crate molds) ); Because there are many ribs on the four side walls perpendicular to the opening direction of the turnover box mold, 4 sliders are needed to form these ribs and release the crate from the mold.

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