Emjay coupon break him down he says your date possession but they beat you or none you know it's all a bit gold didn't it so it was first class sitting on the bench and i thought wow come on so anyway that's that n them we will not really speak to you yeah i was giving you a telling just about him too but not obviously my doesn't reverses norwich city gonna go for draw i'm not excited versus oxford um let's go for canada robinson's the oxford manager let's go for big carol robinson oxford good man you want to go i'm going o go wiggin good frank ready how's vceltic shelter uh rangers vs aberdeen draw wow i knew that i'd be johnson versus mother oh i want to go for home winston johnson okay we played them last week decent uh come on like this is ross county commander phil versus evan you're thinking about she's just wednesday i don't know um go for a draw draw okay mother's been a versus norwich ah middlesbrough you want a coin to flip here we're gonna be oxford cheers you you how to create a professional and beaut