Keto Vip milk but I've had that every single day so I don't see why boys going don't see why it would just be these like everything to kind of look a bit pretty I like this a lot of people talk about my fitness Diaries know my fitness pal yeah My Fitness Pal a lot people do talk about that and I have used it it's great it works but it's a bit more clinical looking it's not quite as I just I do prefer this my net diary personally but I said be sure to give me all your exercise tips and tricks below what you're doing what's worked for you and thank you so so much for watching and thank you for waiting for this one I know it's been two weeks and they potentially will be now going forward some if I can get one out every week I will but just bear with me a lot of you do message me but eyes are a video are you okay I'm absolutely fine but you know hashtag life so yes apologies but I might see you in the next one next week I might see in two weeks but have a fantastic week or fortnight and I'll see in the next one [Music]Selam mattina Moorlach beautifu yeah give it service port you know in cazuca on kanika general M each others should limit as a gashed