Two factors in an effective HR solution are analytics and mobility.


Data analysis is something that companies that have not already done so should implement as soon as possible in their management systems. The information collected and its analysis are decisive for decision-making and promoting innovation, as well as improving the productivity of employees and managers.

Financial management Software in Dubai,UAE that integrates a Business Intelligence system helps to observe the data in real time through visual tools such as graphs, control panels or dashboards, among others.


An HR system in the cloud allows access to information in real time at any time, regardless of the user's location. This facilitates teleworking and allows workers to access the system regardless of where they are.

What solutions does an HR system provide?

The options that currently exist on the market are diverse. However, some of the solutions that you can find in an Financial management Software in Dubai,UAEare the following:

Payroll and personnel management

Employee portal

Time management and time control

Selection and OEP

HR analytics

Talent and training

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What are you going to achieve with human resources software?

These are some of the procedures that you can carry out with a human resources management system:

Complete compilation of information on the human capital of the company: history, performance, jobs, job evolution, etc.

Control of attendance and management of schedules

Performance measurement

Management of talent recruitment for the company

Creation of a panel so that employees have access to their information

Creation of reports for staff evaluation, trend analysis and task management.

Development of administrative procedures

Definition of training plans and actions for the adaptation of people to different jobs

A help to enhance the value of each employee thanks to Business Intelligence.

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Can an HR system help in talent management?

Of course, Financial management Software in Dubai,UAE have talent recruitment and retention systems so that the company can make the most of people's resources, knowledge and skills.

A talent management well implemented fosters commitment and collaboration, facilitates economic calculations to achieve greater employee performance, strengthen communications, boosts productivity and provides data that help in decision-making.

How HR solutions affect job performance

Technology has changed everything and has forced companies to a digital transformation, something that directly affects job performance. In this sense, we can say that the benefits of HR solutions are many and that companies that implement this type of systems obtain the following possibilities:

Telecommuting Without a doubt, this is something that must be taken into account today to enhance productivity, work-life balance and talent retention.

Labor flexibility working with flexible hours allows employees to organize both work and family.

Productivity implementing monitoring and control actions that are flexible in turn increases productivity considerably.

Work-life balance this is also a determining factor for many people, and is that using a cloud system allows employees to carry out their work from home.

Employee motivation everything mentioned above, of course, positively affects the motivation of each employee. And this makes workers more productive and more committed to the company.

How is cloud technology changing human resources?

Cloud systems have changed, are changing, and will continue to change human resource management within organizations. This type of technology makes HR departments more efficient, save costs, be more flexible, make better decisions and improve the quality of people's work.

Currently, HR solutions are a revolution that is just beginning and to which any company should join to be more competitive and attractive in order to attract talent.