Today Heyemjay coupon And Promo Codes

Emjay Coupon to enter the same title we have to enter submit coupon or you can enter any title just enter that title and under template select this option submit coupon publish now weave this page in a new tab this is how your page should look like now if you go to your home page and if you click on this now as you can see you are redirected to this submit coupon page now after that we have the my account page so again click on add new give it a title of my account or anything you want under templates select my account which is over here click on publish view this page okay this is your my account page now one 


Heyemjay Coupon already created HelloWorld let's delete this thing now let's create a new one so click on add new first we have to give it a title so if you come back over here this is the title so let me just copy the title from you paste it over here after that we have to enter the content so everything that you see under this is all different content so I'll simply copy it paste it over here okay simple very basic content now after that what you have to do is you have to again click on document at the right hand side and we have to give it a category