Managing your money is of greater significance in Classic than it is in retail WoW – not only does it take more effort to earn gold, you have a greater number of expenses relative to the amount of money you’ll passively generate by playing without taking money into consideration.

Choose Your Professions WiselyThere are a number of things to consider when choosing professions. Are you trying to min-max to join a progression raid team? Are you trying to stay self-sufficient while exploring the world? Do you want to cause the most mayhem you can in Battlegrounds or in world PVP?

Whether these are your goals, or you simply want to make the most money possible, your choice of Professions can profoundly influence your experience in WoW Classic.

As a general rule of thumb, gathering professions will make you the most money in the short run, as you won't need to waste time and resources crafting when you can use the Auction House (or just straight up sell if pressed for time).

However, done right, certain professions can help immensely when products are sold to others. Tailoring bags are always in high demand in Classic WoW, as are enchantments - especially by endgame. Leatherworkers can also make good money by crafting Devilsaur items when high enough level, and there are even a few noteworthy blacksmithing and engineering items that can be sold for a good profit.


In World of Warcraft, “farming” is the process of repeatedly eliminating enemies, preferably in large teams, to “ranch” them for experience or prey.

If you’re making money when your goal is, it’s the last thing you’re most curious about. Whether worldwide or in a dungeon, pulling groups of enemies, defeating and duplicating them with G4mmo will give you both raw gold and a selection of products.

When it comes to details, it is most likely a situation of which jobs are best for you. You can blow up with lower-level content alone or team up to take on tougher opponents. Some farming strategies provide for unusual pieces of equipment to be sold at the auction house, while others are much more reliable in using coins and making products like towels.

Some courses are more powerful in agriculture than others — magicians are particularly successful due to their enormous selection of G4mmo and kite tools — and so your course selection will certainly have an impact on what is best for you to manage and whether you are band together or go alone.

With lots of possible acreage, it’s worth trying a few different approaches without spending many hours on them first to get a feel for what you find the most convenient, satisfying, and profitable.

Agriculture is also an extremely effective leveling approach when working with content that is within your degree — either world monsters or team dungeons. So if you know everything about this endgame afterwards, it’s absolutely worth considering. For others, it can only come into play if you have to specifically earn money for a large settlement like a mount.

Playing the auction house

One of the age-old methods for making money in World of Warcraft is to work the auction house to find profit in buying and selling items. Compared to other methods, however, this requires much more starting money, and involves a risk of losing money if you make the wrong decisions.

There are two main approaches you can take to playing the auction house. The first, classic speculation, involves buying low and selling high – which sounds simple on the surface, but requires an intimate knowledge of the market to make the most of, as selecting the right items involves identifying bargains, understanding where prices might fluctuate, and also buying items with enough demand that you’ll be able to sell them again in a reasonable time.

The second approach is to attempt to monopolize a particular market by buying out all competitors, which then allows you to set a price with a significant profit margin that anyone who wants or needs the item will have no choice but to pay.

Going for a monopoly requires a lot more starting cash, however, and also comes with greater risks. You have to stay on top of the auction house to ensure you’re not being undercut, and if there’s too much supply it might not be realistically possible to maintain your monopoly.

Both of these methods also may not be viable in the early days of WoW Classic, as the market hasn’t had time to settle – there are more players working their way through lower level content, leading to higher supply of items found there, and less demand for higher level items. Players also haven’t had much time to earn gold to spend, and many will be saving for mounts initially.

While particularly savvy traders might spot some unique openings in the opening month of WoW Classic, for most players working the auction house will be a more viable option further down the line once the in-game economy is more stable.

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