Verizon has recently released the latest version of its Stream TV streaming box. This newly launched version has come up with a feature looking for remotes that you may have lost and additionally built-in support for Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The most incredible missing features of previous Stream TV were access to Amazon Prime and Netflix, two apps that may take months to show up finally. Alongside access to the Play Store for additional downloads, this new version was released with both applications built-in.  


How to find the remote with this new feature?

The new Stream TV includes a large button on the top to power on the device and a refreshed rectangular design, and you will be able to find the Google Assistant-enabled remote. To find your remote with the updated stream TV feature, you will need to press the power button twice; once you do it, the remote will start beeping until you push any button on the remote. That’s all you need to do, and you’ll find your remote soon.


What’s additional?

Verizon is additionally providing another skin to Android TV that highlights streamlined organization and bold text so that it could be easy to search your favorite channel, movies, and shows. Also, purchases and rentals via Verizon’s store will be available mobile app to go from a new Stream TV. For now, the cost of Verizon’s Stream TV is $69.99, and for the Verizon Fios and 5G Home Internet subscribers, the box is available at no cost with the new installation.


Stream TV has bonded itself to other internet-provider streaming boxes such as AT&T TV and Xfinity Flex of Comcast. however, no one are actually cost-effective or ideal. These boxes highlight awkward proprietary or cleaned software and extra costs that can bring the expense above better, entry-level boxes.


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