Keto VIP  they increased right and so that's an indirect reflection of more energy production at the cellular level into t3 right am i turn into reverse t3 which is an anti thyroid metabolite and that's where you can get into trouble so you really need to understand thyroid resistance and reverse t3 levels and so here I'll give you an example so we're talking about whenever you whenever somebody is ordering testing and and you want to evaluate your thyroid the two most important tests that you need to look at is free t3 and reverse t3 I don't care so much about TSH or free t4 or thyroid antibodies but if we're talking about if you're curious is your are your tissues is your body getting enough thyroid hormone then the two tests that you really care about our free t3 and reverse t3 specifically the ratio between the two of those so right here I give you an example of some of some patients labs of mine I do include the free t4 here