There was a time when collecting watches was not in fashion. A person wore a watch out of necessity and rarely owned more than one.

Today, people find it very attractive to acquire a classic second-hand timepiece, such as a Rolex or a Patek Philippe . For many people, this first special watch opens the door to the subtle art of collecting watches.

Ultimately, the collector falls in love with a certain class, brand or style. The dream watch for all collectors is a watch that always works perfectly, with all original parts and components in new condition. Pssst Consult each table of watch conditions for an indication of its novelty. It looks like this:

Dressed or sporty?
Most watch collectors will choose a class of watches to collect between the two main classes: dress watches and sports watches. Dress watches are the smaller of the two classes in terms of market size and include graceful and elegant styles best worn in formal settings.

Dress watches dominated the luxury watch market soon after the introduction of the first consumer wristwatches after World War I. These early dress watches had premium presentations and were perfect for collectors who adore classic elegance.

Sports watches are more popular in the general watch market and are therefore more accessible to collectors in the second-hand market. There is an exceptional selection of sport class watches in all price ranges, which makes them very accessible to both novice and experienced collectors. Choosing the sports watch as a theme means there will be plenty of options no matter how big the budget is.

Brands such as Rolex and Patek Philippe offer a multitude of models and styles, each constituting a universe of its own. What matters to collectors is the history of the watch, especially if it is linked to a particular person or period. Signature models are often created by watch brands to represent a historical event or personality. More than just celebrities, these watches represent a particular and iconic personality.

A brand's history often spans centuries, providing collectors with a continuous opportunity to learn more about the watches made over the years. Collecting a brand allows the watch enthusiast to become an expert in the brand community and share their knowledge with other collectors. Part of the fun in collecting is being able to socialize with people who are so passionate about watches.

Another aspect is definitely the thrill of finding that perfect and special addition to the collection.

Collectors often choose watches that they personally like for their color, shape or other factors. These collectors are looking for easy-to-wear and fashionable watches, almost a watch wardrobe. Maybe their collection started with a special gift to mark a graduation, wedding day, or other milestone. No matter what motivated their passion for watches, these collectors choose watches with their hearts and eyes.

Thanks to the Internet, there are many blogs, websites, and social media accounts devoted to online data collection. Casual collectors can find out about their next purchase quickly and easily, making it a very healthy used watch market. Whatever the reason for the collection, casual collectors love their watches and wear them all.