Missing out on getting updated with the Facebook notifications? Well, there’re numerous causes and figuring out why your Smartphone fails to send push notifications for Facebook is no easy task. If you’re complaining: why am I not getting notifications on Facebook, this post will let you know the possible causes as well as the solutions.

Possible Causes for Not Getting Notifications on Facebook Platform

  • A third-party application that is responsible for background processes.
  • The app notification is turned on.
  • Cache data from the Facebook app.
  • Background data restriction or you’ve enabled any power-saving modes that could hinder notifications.

Resolutions to Troubleshooting Facebook Notifications Not Working

  • Make sure your device is not running with any of the third-party programs on your smart device. If it is, close them all.
  • Checking on the Facebook app notification will clear your mind that the issue didn’t come from the accidental turning off the app.
  • Deleting cache data from the app and the Facebook Messenger app. If notifications still don’t appear, uninstall the app and reinstall it.
  • Turn off the power-saving mode option.

In this way, your issue with the Facebook notifications not working issue will be resolved. If you’ve any other question: can you see who views your Facebook, the answer lies in the app itself, and you can easily view the profile of anyone using the feature: “who viewed my profile?” Good luck!

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