Separation, divorce, or any other family law matters are never easy. A good Family Law Attorney in Orange County has seen and knows all about family law. This includes spousal support, child support, visitation rights, and child custody during a divorce, or afterward. You need an able Family Law Attorney to fight for your rights and the wellbeing of your kids. Here is some insight:


Legal Separations:- Legal separations do not always lead to a divorce but are considered the first step towards one. A legal separation is a way to figure out how the individual lives will go on instead of the twisting lives of a couple. It can be considered a "test drive" to a divorce, and it can also be a way to separate the two parties to give each other a little time to let "cooler heads" prevail. Oftentimes couples rush to divorce after an argument, only to realize later that if they would have separated for a short time, they may well have reconciled and not gone through with a divorce.


Drawbacks:- Legal separation won't end a marriage! Instead, legal separation is used to outline each party's responsibilities and rights as individuals rather than a couple. Legal separations are designed to protect each individual's assets while deciding to either divorce or reconcile. Usually, court orders are in place to mandate such things as payment on communal properties and child custody issues.


Benefits:- While still married but legally separated, couples can still share medical benefits, social security benefits, military benefits, and offer time for a cooling-off period. Also, legal separations can be handy if religious beliefs are not shared.


The couple can legally separate but still remain married to observe religious beliefs. Legal separations are also very easy to convert into divorce settlements if reconciliation cannot be reached. Until the divorce paperwork is filed with the court, the couple is still married, even with a legal separation.


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