In the age of digitalization, print marketing is still popular and effective. Even in 2020, print marketing is vitally important for businesses of all sizes to market their product. For seasonal marketing, it is the best way to attract your target audience. Here we will show you 2 very cost-effective products for print marketing that ensure long term value for money.

calendar printing marketing 2021

Calendar Marketing 2021


Nowadays, a calendar is used not only for telling the dates rather it is used as a piece of marketing tool. People want to hang a calendar which will help them to decorate their room and also relevant to them. But the best option is if the customer can create the content by themselves by a personalized calendar. A customer contest is a great way to crowdsourcing. Set criteria and themes then ask clients to submit art and images that they feel are calendar-worthy. For a brand or a company, a contest is very useful because it can reach interested customers. To corporate personnel a desk calendar and for the family a wall calendar is a good option for a brand to showcase their product 365 days of a year. Also, you can give away calendars to segmented potential customers at events for brand marketing. A calendar is also a marketing tool that you can give away to segmented potential customers at events. You can learn how to make desk calendars at home here.


sticker printing for marketing

Spread Free Stickers Aggressively

Stickers are an effective way to increase brand awareness. They are easy to give away and people do use them in real life. Moreover, they come cheap. You can give them away at events or direct to the customer. The most beneficial aspect of stickers is that the user will act as a brand ambassador. A personalized vinyl sticker of your brand could show up on laptops, toolboxes, and cars of your loyal customer. If we look back at how Apple gave away stickers with every laptop and iPod sold. The customers proudly use them and unconsciously they promote the apple brand. At the moment you probably aren’t Apple, but when you have a loyal customer base these customized can be your best weapon to grow your business. It is also important to use premium printing for your stickers. Premium printing will guarantee that your sticker looks great and has a long life of promoting your company or product for years to come. You can learn how to make stickers at home. It’s simpler than you think.


Calendar and Sticker Printing Service in London:

There are several types of stickers and calendars, you can choose for printing. As for calendars, personalised desk calendars, wall calendars, photo wall calendars, A4 or A3 calendars are the common type and used in both home and office. As for stickers, you can go for vinyl. These stickers are high-quality and long-lasting. You can get these stickers for laptops, phones, shop’s windows or even for cars.