Whether you're a mother or a dad, it's very crucial to win a child custody battle. The well-being of your children is vital to you, and that's why I want to help you win custody of your child or children. What is important is that you get things right the first time. If in any way, you're not happy with the outcome of the original result, it's not really easy to change it later. Yeah, there are all sorts of options to appeal to the judge, but it all takes a lot of time, and that's the time you should spend with your kids.

You should positively start keeping track of all the issues concerning your situation with the other parent. Keep a log of everything possible. When were the children with you, and where were you and what you did? Courtrooms and the judges tend to prefer people that are well prepared before stepping in front of the law.

Do not create any unnecessary drama in the court hearings. No matter how much you dislike the other parent of your child, you can't let any outbursts hurt your custody case, or you might very well end up losing if they see you as being an unstable parent.

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