Peak Summit Keto this could improve your your weight / fat burning losing I actually feel like that's more of a myth than anything else but I don't have I don't know for sure I can't say one way or the other what I do know is that theoretically if that's a we weren't you know flakes but they published it in December of 2015 and we're real excited about that yeah that's great um for the like for people that aren't familiar I recommend the pleasure trap Rodin's tails at that poor cat would just be not know which thing to jump on it would be just overwhelmed and that's essentially kind of what the world is that the humans face in a way and that is that they're they're being inundated with foods that we're going to end products other products but particularly foods that we call in science supernormal stimuli they're not the normal stimulation that the species was designed for they're super normal in this case they're hyper constant and sugar fat and salt and when you do that it makes it very difficult for people to stay out of it and that traps their motivational system into doing something that's actually self-destructive when it really feels like it's really the right thing to do and that's what we call the pleasure trap yeah and what's your general advice like obviously you know switching