The stainless steel 63 Series Ball Bearings that can be produced basically cover the specifications of various countries in the world, and the specifications of stainless steel special-shaped pipes, There are more than one hundred varieties, and the product uses involve many fields such as industrial and civil use. Due to the high-energy plasma's deep penetration ability. The supply of stainless steel decorative welded pipe market exceeds demand., consume more than 20,000 tons of stainless steel pipes per year.

From production to sales, enterprises should exercise self-discipline so that my country's stainless steel pipe manufacturing industry can develop healthily and vigorously. At present, domestically produced stainless steel pipes generally still use offline processing methods. 5 Plant, Taiyuan Iron and Steel, Daye, Fushun, Xining,

Nantong, Fengye and other plants., have a large gap; the production capacity of small and medium-diameter stainless steel pipes for general purposes exceeds market demand. About 60% can be used in food, brewing, medicine, papermaking, printing and dyeing, urban environmental protection and other industries. . In the past ten years, with the rapid expansion of application fields, the domestic demand for stainless steel pipes of different materials, specifications, varieties, and uses has soared; coupled with the attraction of the high added value of stainless steel pipes, companies producing stainless steel pipes have started from the 1980s. About 20% are unqualified or usable products.1 tons, of which Φ108-630mm large-diameter stainless steel seamless pipes account for 53. .

Domestic stainless steel welded pipe production mainly adopts continuous forming unit and UOE method. There are also some areas where the production of pipe billets is produced by melting scrap steel with intermediate frequency furnace. Each 600,000 kilowatt nuclear power plant needs 100 tons of evaporator 'U'-shaped heat transfer tubes.