Peak Summit Keto  Louis give that some thought thank you so much for tuning in see you next time [Music] for example this Am i going to stay up till 3 in the morning actually going to be working If the answer is NO, Ask yourself where are these carbs are going to go Carbs are a source of energy If the energy is not going to be spend, it will be stored as fat..It's science Or would you be eating, Should you be eating a carb meal just before you sleep the answer would be a NO second again it depends upon your body type Now we have 3 body types we have an Actomorph, Mesomorph and an Endomorph Endomorphs are those people who have the ability to put on weight faster So, for endomorph it's a complete NO..NO So your last meal of the day should basically comprise of a good protein For example it could be skimmed paneer or eggs and you can top this up with a good bowl of fibre Okay! So tell me when I feel like raiding my fridge in the night which I do quite often what are the few things Tell me three things that I can eat from there You know it's like learning kitchen lessons so the ideal thing would be to stock your kitchen and specially